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Shop Talk With Jim 
March: Getting Your Car ready For A Spring Trip 

March: Getting Your Car Ready For A Spring Trip
Shop talk with Jim features Mr. Jim Raney who has been in the service industry for over 20 years as a Service Technician, Master Technician, and Parts/Services Manager. Each month we sit down with Jim to get tips and tricks to make sure our cars are performing properly and to answer any questions our readers may have.
Spring is a great time to get out with your family and friends to do some traveling. Maybe it's to town lake, the river, or places outside the state. Whatever the case may be it is always important to make sure you are properly prepared before taking off on your trip no matter the distance. This month Jim has some great tips to make sure that you car is in top shape before heading out.

Jim: "Before heading out on a trip there are a few preparations that everyone should make so that they can have a nice, safe vacation. Keep in mind almost everything that I'm about to mention is covered in our 27-PT inspection that comes with any South Point Hyundai service."
·         Check and top off all fluid
                - Fluids include oil, windshield wiper fluid, transmission, differential, and radiator.
                - Fluids can be added or changed by South Point Hyundai (speak with the dealer for more details)

·         Inspect hoses and belts
                - Losing a belt or having a damaged hose can destroy a vacation. To inspect your hoses and belts, first make sure your car has been off for at least an hour and run your fingers along the fan belt in the front and the hoses around your engine. Any cracks, tears, or holes are a good sign that you need to have it replaced, these replacements will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Below is a picture of what a damage belt looks like, these problems should be fixed immediately.


Examine Your Tires
·         Inspect your tires for holes and tread wear; if you are unsure if a place on your tire is leaking spray Windex on the spot in question. If it bubbles that is the sign there is a leak and it's time to either get it patched or have the tire replaced.
Be  Be sure to examine your spare tire tread as well (having a blowout and a bad spare tire is not a good thing) also having a can of fix a flat or its equivalent handy is a good idea.

When inspecting the tread turn a penny upside down and if you can see the top of Lincolns head it's time to change the tires out.
IMAG0693.jpg        IMAG0696.jpg
 Jim: "These tips should help you and your family get to your destination safe and sounds without issue. If you have any questions please feel free to email us and we will get back with you ASAP."
To prepare your car for a spring trip South Point Hyundai is offering a Spring Special Click HERE to check it out.

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