Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SoundHound Is Bringing Song Recognition To Hyundai

Never again will you say, "What's that song called?"

You're driving around with the radio on when all of a sudden it happens - THAT song comes on.

You know what song I'm talking about. It's the new song that you love and hear all of the time now, but you can never remember what it's called to download it or buy the CD later. It simply becomes "THAT song." There are apps like Shazam that can listen in and tell you what song it is but the service is often unreliable and you don't have time to pull out your phone while you're driving. Some vehicles even have digital readouts to tell you what song on the radio is playing, but you rarely ever see the full song title and artist. So what is someone to do? Well, with new Hyundai models starting this year, your car will be able to tell you what THAT song is with speed and complete information.

Hyundai has teamed up with music specialists SoundHound to bring music-discovery tools to select 2014 models in North America this year. With one press of the SoundHound icon in your new Hyundai, you can pull up information on a song or artist and even save all of your searches to pull up on an integrated smartphone app later at home. 

One confirmed model that is getting the SoundHound treatment is the 2015 Genesis sedan. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any other models that will receive this awesome service.

Would you use the SoundHound program? Let us know here as well as on our Facebook and Google+ pages. For more information on the latest Hyundai models coming this year, be sure to visit the South Point Hyundai website

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