Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Big Things For Hyundai Revealed At CES 2014

Using your phone to interact with your car? That's so old-fashioned.

The 2014 Consumer Electronic Show is well underway in Las Vegas this week and Hyundai has already revealed some pretty awesome partnerships and features that are coming to future vehicles.

1) Google Glass!

Before the show even started, Hyundai announced a new infotainment system that will be compatible with wearable technology such as Google Glass. Titled "Blue Link," this revolutionary tech will make its consumer debut in the next generation Genesis flagship sedan. The initial features are somewhat standard fare - remote starting, remote navigation destination selection, and collision notification for emergency contacts. But with future updates you could be using Google Glass to find your vehicle in a parking lot, know live weather and traffic situations and to locate nearby car dealers! Get all of the relevant info you need from your Hyundai without moving a finger.

2) The Open Automotive Alliance

Together with Google, Nvidia, Hyundai and other car makers, the Open Automotive Alliance was created to bring Android tech to production cars by 2014. If you already have an Android Smartphone, you can expect the same sort of customization on your Hyundai's dashboard soon. Don't worry if you're an Apple fan though! iOS in the Car has already been announced, and Hyundai is on board to put Apple's operating system in vehicles as well. Now you don't have to learn different interfaces. If you get used to the way you use your phone, you already know how to use your new Hyundai!

The best news? This is only after two days! Be sure to check here as well as our Facebook and Google+ pages for more information about the latest Hyundai CES updates. If you want to know more about what Hyundai can do for you, visit our website

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