Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Hyundai Vegetable Garden? It's True

Hyundai is constantly looking to see what the future of the auto industry holds.

From this mindset comes the brand new Hyundai ix35 - an SUV that runs on a fuel cell that should be hitting markets in 2015. What's neat about this fuel cell? Fuel cell vehicles run on hydrogen to produce electricity to power the vehicle. The result is a more efficient, quieter and cleaner vehicle than you've ever driven before. Even more remarkable about this fuel cell is that the only byproduct is water vapor. Neat, huh?

Well Hyundai took this idea to the extreme at London's Design Museum last month when it unveiled an ix35 that was using the water vapor byproduct to water a fish tank and a hydroponic vegetable garden. As you can see in the picture below, the results of this experiment were extraordinary. 

A professional chef was on hand to host a BBQ - using the fish and vegetables from the Hyundai ix35 garden! What an awesome way to transform a revolutionary vehicle and put on an incredible display. You can expect to hear more news about the ix35 in the near-future, but until then, know that solutions to a greener Earth may soon be under the hood of your own car. 

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