Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

The last thing you want in an emergency is to not have the right tools for the job.

Every day, the unlikeliest of the things happen on the road and as a driver you want to be prepared. From flat tires to dead batteries and accidents, it is important that you stay on top of the equipment in your car to be ready for anything. So before you take your new Hyundai out of the driveway, be sure that you have these five tools in the vehicle:

1) Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

A good multi-tool is always a good thing to have, but we recommend the Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool for its durability and versatility (pictured above). Pliers, wire cutters, knives, saws, a screwdriver and even a bottle opener are at your disposal to reassure you that you'll never need a full, hefty tool bag again.

2) Schumacher SpeedCharge

Most portable battery chargers can take hours to get you on the road again. The Schumacher SpeedCharge can charge your battery two times faster than the average charger and it comes with a full automatic operation and multiple charging modes. If you can't get a jump, this is the best thing to have in your trunk.

3) Smittybilt Recovery Strap

When you need a tow or help with heavy equipment, this thing can be a life-saver. With a 30,000 lb. capacity and double-stitched webbing, this strap won't give out any time soon and will keep your car in business.

4) Kobalt Multi-Drive Wrench

This wrench has everything you could ever need to repair your vehicle. At only 10 inches long and a couple of lbs. heavy, you won't be needing much room to store it. The Kobalt comes with a fixed small socket spline on one end and a larger, interchangeable spline head on the other to fit any bolt.

5) LifeHammer

If things get out of hand and you need to break a seatbelt or a window to get out of harm's way, the LifeHammer is the best tool out there. It's easily mountable, has a luminescent pin to be found easily in the dark and can come in handy during life-threatening situations.

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